Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pallet PryBar

Hello All! I have been exTREEmly busy lately, with working 7 days a week and all the treework I've gotten lately, not to mention the mix of weather we have been getting here in southwestern Pennsylvania, there has been little time to start the blog.
Well here goes. First up. A tool I created to aide in the breaking down of pallets. My Pallet Prybar was made with 1/2" steel bar (about 11/2" in width) and some steel tube and roundstock that I found at my local scrapyard. A few hours of cutting and welding and a splash of paint and the deckboards just start flying off those pallets. Today I made up a quick and dirty video showcasing the prybar. You will see that it in fact makes easy work of getting those pesky deckboards off the stringers with ease. Thanks to the fork design of the working end of the prybar, even pressure on both sides of the stringer gently pry up the deckboards making for fewer split and broken boards. You will see that I did have a few boards split on me, but they were bottom deckboards that were already cracked. Overall this has been a great tool to use in my breaking down of pallets creating more time to use the boards and also creating a lot less broken boards destined for the woodburner!

The Pallet Pryer